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Sections of the exhibitions

  • Ferrous industry: manufacture and products of the ferrous industry (billets, long products, flats, tubes and pipes)
  • Non-ferrous industry: manufacture and products of the non-ferrous industry (raw materials, secondary metals, semi-finished products, rolled products, and profiles)
  • Special steels and alloys: manufacture and products (long products, flats and tubes)
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Raw materials for the metal and steel industry
  • Equipment, machines and technology for metallurgy industry
  • Foundry equipment
  • Equipment and technologies for steel industries
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap collecting and recycling
  • Refractory materials, technical ceramics for the steel industry and foundry
  • Fundamental and applicable scientific research in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries as well as nanotechnologies
  • Control and measuring machinery, instruments and tools
  • Handling equipment
  • Transport and logistics, IT, leasing, insurance
  • Machines and machining centers
  • Machine accessories
  • Metal cutting tools
  • Lubricant and cooling and lubrication systems
  • Assembling equipment
  • Conveying machinery; lifting and transporting equipment
  • Equipment designed for surface treatment
  • Laser equipment and technologies
  • Equipment for construction and assembling works
  • Control and measuring equipment
  • Refrigerating and Drying units, ventilation equipment
  • Compressors, Fittings, Pumps
  • Actuators and Engines
  • Bearings for all industries
  • Construction, engineering and tool materials
  • Components, assembly units and devices
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Complex services related to preparation and setup of manufacturing and distribution of machine building products
  • Special clothing and means of individual protection
  • Equipment and technology for welding, surfacing and soldering
  • Equipment and technology for heat treatment
  • Materials for welding, cutting, spraying, surfacing and soldering
  • Protection materials and methods
  • Quality control of welded joints
  • Welding tools and facilities
  • Modernization of welding processes at industrial enterprises
  • Power-saving technologies in welding and thermal production processes
  • Automation and robotics in technological processes
  • Quality testing, Measuring equipment and technical diagnostics
  • Equipment for manufacture of various types of forest products
  • Equipment, machinery, machining centres and tools for processing and conversion of wood and wood based materials
  • Machine tools, equipment and gear for production of specialty wood products
  • Woodworking tools and auxiliaries machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of tools
  • Sawn wood
  • Grinding machines
  • Products for the equipment of machines

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