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National Exhibition Company «International Expo Group» LLC is the organizer of International Exhibitions in the Republic of Uzbekistan. A decent start was due to the successful organization and holding of the exhibition «The World of Cotton and Silk». Further, due to the increasing interest from domestic and foreign exhibitors to the rapidly developing market of the Independent Republic of Uzbekistan, the list of projects and their focus gradually expanded.

Today «International Expo Group» LLC is the organizer of 12 Annual International Exhibitions.

International exhibition «UzTechTransExpo». Special equipment. Transport and logistics services. It has been held since 2008.

International exhibition «UzMetalMashExpo». Metallurgy. Metalworking. Engineering. Welding. It has been held since 2008.

International exhibition «UzMiningExpo». Technologies and equipment for the mining industry. It has been held since 2009.

International exhibition «UzChemPlastExpo». Chemical industry, plastics and rubbers. It has been held since 2010.

International exhibition «InterPackExpo». Packaging industry. Warehousing. It has been held since 2017.

The autumn exhibition season is represented by the most relevant projects in the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan today. September opens the International Medical Exhibition «UzMedExpo», which began its work in 2007.

Several directions will start at once in October:

The largest international exhibition of its industry – «UzEnergyExpo». Energy Renewable energy sources. Electrical Engineering Lighting. It has been held since 2006.

International exhibition «UzStroyExpo». Construction. Heating and ventilation. Water supply. Year of foundation - 2010.

International exhibition «UzSecureExpo». Security systems. Occupational Safety and Health. Fire safety. It has been held since 2010.

And the exhibition season is closed by the largest international exhibitions of the agricultural and food industry – «UzAgroExpo» and «UzProdExpo». Established in 2005.

All exhibition events of the Company are held with the active interaction and official support of government agencies, line ministries and departments. Our exhibitions are international, so most of the participants are foreign companies. The organization of foreign expositions within the framework of the exhibitions testifies to their increasing stateness and productivity. In particular, companies from the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Belarus are very active. Also, the venue of «Uzexpocenter» NEC JSC is not low-lying, and the number of pavilions involved is increasing annually.

In recent years, an updated political course, economic liberalization, favorable trade and economic relations with the largest markets of the region, as well as wide opportunities provided by the state for foreign investors make holding international exhibitions especially relevant and determine the importance of introducing the most advanced technologies and integrated solutions in the development of central branches of the Republic.




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