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Sections of the exhibitions

  • Integrated security systems
  • Alarm systems and alarm notification CCTV and surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Special banking equipment
  • Means of personal safety and equipment
  • Anti-terrorist and inspection equipment
  • Special transport
  • Industrial safety systems
  • Systems and means of information protection and special technical means
  • Insurance services security
  • Special clothes
  • Special shoes
  • Protective equipment for head, face, eyes, hands, respiratory and hearing organs, safety belts
  • Collective protection equipment
  • Measuring and monitoring devices
  • Safety equipment and technology
  • Technical and fire safety
  • Sanitary and household services
  • Research and development in occupational safety
  • Occupational medicine. Occupational health
  • Means of rehabilitation
  • Industrial ecology
  • Environmental monitoring, ecological control and research
  • Protection and sustainable use of water resources
  • Water treatment, water supply, water disposal, pumping equipment and pipelines
  • Waste water treatment and processing
  • Equipment for waste conversion of various manufacturing (machine building, wood working, metallurgy, chemistry)
  • Waste management (collection, transport, storing)
  • Waste recycling in energy
  • Utilization of industrial, oil, medical wastes
  • Analytical and test equipment, devices, materials
  • Non-destructive testing devices and systems
  • Extraction, storing, transportation of highly inflammable toxic matters, high-toxic substances
  • Ventilation and conditioning systems and means
  • Control devices for dust and gas, wet, temperature, radiation and electromagnetic emissions, pollution agents, noise, line voltage
  • Industrial risks insurance
  • Identification technology: RFID, biometrics
  • Authentication technologies
  • Production, personalization and engineering maps
  • ATMs, terminals, readers
  • Banking equipment
  • Technical protection of information
  • Information technology and security
  • Software

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