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Sections of the exhibitions

  • Raw materials for chemical industry
  • Basic and inorganic chemistry, organic synthesis
  • Chemical fibers and yarns
  • Synthetic rubber and rubber goods
  • Composite materials, fiberglass
  • Reagents, catalysts
  • Drug substance
  • Paint materials and equipment
  • Equipment for surface preparation
  • Tinting equipment
  • Drying equipment
  • Mills and mixers, powder coatings
  • Household chemicals
  • Design of chemical plants, warehouses, terminals
  • Chemical production management
  • Transportation of chemical products
  • Chemical technology, research
  • Dry cleaning and laundry
  • Packaging
  • Personal protective equipment, clothing, means of fire and explosion safety.
  • Equipment for the production and processing of plastics and rubber
  • Systems and machines for casting under pressure
  • Mold
  • Equipment for blow molding
  • Equipment for foam plastic production
  • Raw and auxiliary materials (catalysts, stabilizers, fillers, foaming agents, pigments) for plastic production)
  • Products of processing of plastics and rubber (semi-finished and finished products, including those from secondary materials)
  • Plastic containers and packaging
  • Polymeric materials and additives
  • Technology recycling and disposal
  • Services in the field of plastic production
  • Logistics: warehouse equipment.
  • Chemical reagents and highly purified substances
  • Reagents, medical devices, diagnostic tools, standard samples
  • Laboratory glassware and furniture
  • Laboratory equipment and instruments
  •  Analytical instruments
  • Instrumentation equipment and devices
  • Complex equipment of laboratories
  • Design and construction of laboratories
  • Equipment to create "clean rooms"
  • Analytical methods and technologies
  • Design and construction of laboratory facilities
  • Robotized laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory information system

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