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For effective participation in an exhibition you need to know certain techniques and secrets. We offer you the basic rules for effective participation in exhibition:


1. Exhibition should be part of the overall marketing plan of company, meet your goals and objectives. AN exhibition is not just a spontaneous “appearance”, but an event scheduled in advance, coordinated for time, goals, and people — a specific tool for obtaining new customers and retaining old ones.


2. Preparation for an exhibition is a process that requires planning: draw up and approve a preparation plan, cost estimate, exposure plan. Submit all required materials in advance.


3. Make decision on participation in exhibition in advance – then you will have enough time to prepare the stand, exhibits and staff.


4. When planning your participation in exhibition, consider its nature: an exhibition is either a fair, professional or consumer one, universal or specialized.


5. Define the goals and criteria for your participation. The range of goals can be quite wide, for example, attracting new customers, launching new products and services, forming a distribution network, etc. At the same time, goals must be coordinated, achievable, measurable. It is important to determine in advance both the goals themselves and the criteria of achieving – by them you will then evaluate the effectiveness of exhibition.


6. Plan your stand so that it carries a short and capacious marketing message to exhibition visitors, and is also a convenient platform for work:

• determine the size of stand based on the objectives of participation (consulting and equipment demonstration in action require different spaces);

• a working area, a negotiation area (office), a recreation area (economic) should be allocated at the stand;

• competently decorate the stand: clear inscriptions, correctly placed exhibits, eye-stoppers. If, passing near your booth, a consumer does not understand within 10 seconds who you are and what you offer, he will simply pass by;

• Handouts should be prepared according to the number of planned contacts taking into account different types of public (for all, for specialists, for VIP clients).


7. Use different methods of attracting attention – so-called “eye-stoppers”. Their range is unlimited: from an unusual bright geometric figure to a working exhibit, from flowing water to body art, from inflatable structures to mirrors – there is no limit to fantasy.