The 8th International exhibition
“UzSecureExpo – Indusrtrial safety and fire protection”

International exhibition «UzSecureExpo» - the largest business event on the subject of security in Uzbekistan. At the exhibition experts will demonstrate a range of equipment and new approaches for security, in particular: technical means to ensure the security of industrial facilities, public address system with fire and smoke, equipment for integrated security, fire trucks, radios, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, audio and video surveillance, etc.

Participants of the exhibition domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of technical equipment for security and fire protection, have the opportunity to demonstrate their products to a large number of specialists interested in its acquisition.

Official support for the exhibition is provided by:

  • Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • General Board of Fire Safety under the MIA of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Mayor’s Office of the Tashkent City



National Exhibition Complex “UzExpoCenter”, Pavilion №1

Project Manager:

Yulita Urazbaeva

Tel.: (+998-71) 238-59-82

Fax: (+998-71) 238-57-82

Mob.: (+998-93) 390-01-79



Exhibition Hours

The exhibitions are open from 10.00 to 17.00. Admittance of visitors stops 30 minutes before the closing of the exhibitions.

In first and second day the exhibitions are open for professionals only.

Students are invited to third day of the exhibitions.


Exhibition program

The full program of events taking place within the framework of exhibitions is published on the page of each exhibition.


Admittance to conferences and seminars

If additional events are specified in the program of exhibitions, the entry to conferences and workshops free of charge - upon advance request.

In order to provide freight forwarding and customs services for the delivery of your goods at the exhibitions, you can apply to the accredited customs brokers and freigh carriers:


«UzNEC» – cargo transportation and customs clearance:

Director – Zokir Askarov

Cell.: (+998-97) 772-00-70


Manager – Ivan

Cell.: (+998-90) 992-78-82


Manager – Bakhrom

Cell.: (+998-93) 500-55-77




JSC  “PAN LIT Service”:

Director – Vaidas Beniusis


Cell.: +370-698-33156

Head of logistics department – Mark Novoselskij


Cell.: +370-682-57728

Manager of progects – Marius Karuzas


Cell.: +370-618-41763

Office Contacts:

JSC «PAN-LITService»

Phone: +370-5-2445677

Phone: +370-5-2168243

Fax: +370-5-2445803


JSC National Expo Company «UzExpoCenter»:

Manager of transportation and logistics department – Sharofiddin

Cell.: (+998-93) 547-22-22

Phone: (+998-71) 238-56-11



National Exhibition Complex «UzExpoCentre»

107, Amir Temur str., Tashkent city, 100084, Republic of Uzbekistan

Technical security.

  • Integrated security systems
  • Alarm systems and alarm notification CCTV and surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Special banking equipment
  • Means of personal safety and equipment
  • Anti-terrorist and inspection equipment
  • Special transport
  • Industrial safety systems
  • Systems and means of information protection and special technical means
  • Insurance services security

Systems and means of fire safety.

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Systems and fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire-proof materials and designs
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Fire fighting machinery and special aggregates

Rescue equipment.

  • Machinery, technologies, equipment for prevention of accidents and elimination of their consequences
  • Personal protection equipment for first aid
  • Equipment and fire-fighters and rescuers
  • The rescue device
  • Mine-rescue equipment and gear
  • Personal respiratory protection
  • Survival facilities

Production and realization of individual protection equipment.

  • Special clothes
  • Special shoes
  • Protective equipment for head, face, eyes, hands, respiratory and hearing organs, safety belts
  • Collective protection equipment
  • Measuring and monitoring devices
  • Safety equipment and technology
  • Technical and fire safety
  • Sanitary and household services
  • Research and development in occupational safety
  • Occupational medicine. Occupational health
  • Means of rehabilitation
  • Industrial ecology
  • Environmental monitoring, ecological control and research
  • Protection and sustainable use of water resources
  • Water treatment, water supply, water disposal, pumping equipment and pipelines
  • Waste water treatment and processing
  • Equipment for waste conversion of various manufacturing (machine building, wood working, metallurgy, chemistry)
  • Waste management (collection, transport, storing)
  • Waste recycling in energy
  • Utilization of industrial, oil, medical wastes
  • Analytical and test equipment, devices, materials
  • Non-destructive testing devices and systems
  • Extraction, storing, transportation of highly inflammable toxic matters, high-toxic substances
  • Ventilation and conditioning systems and means
  • Control devices for dust and gas, wet, temperature, radiation and electromagnetic emissions, pollution agents, noise, line voltage
  • Industrial risks insurance


  • Identification technology: RFID, biometrics
  • Authentication technologies
  • Production, personalization and engineering maps
  • ATMs, terminals, readers
  • Banking equipment
  • Technical protection of information
  • Information technology and security
  • Software