The 13th International exhibition

The exhibition UzEnergyExpo is an important business event for the energy market of Uzbekistan, a kind of “indicator” of the industry. Each year specialized industry experts, oil, engineering, construction, installation companies, utilities and public facilities can examine all the offers of the market, compare, select and purchase the necessary equipment at the exhibition UzEnergyExpo.


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President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On program of measures for further development of hydropower sector for 2017-2021”.

Within the framework of the programme, Uzbekistan plans to implement 18 construction projects and 14 projects for modernization of hydroelectric power stations in 2017-2021 with total cost of US$2.65 billion.

The program of measures for the further development of hydropower also includes 42 promising projects with an approximate cost of about US$1.7 billion. These projects will be implemented by 2030.

Uzbekistan will send US$1.64 billion of its own funds for implementation of the programme. The country will also attract US$1.009 billion funds of international and foreign financial institutions.

At the same time, Uzbekistan intends to attract loans of Eximbank of China for US$572.8 million, Islamic Development Bank - US$181.1 million, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - US$77.3 million and Asian Development Bank - US$98.4 million.

Implementation of the programme will allow Uzbekistan to increase the capacity of hydroelectric power stations by 1.7 times to 3,038 MW by 2026. As a result, the share of hydropower in the structure of generating capacities will increase from 12.7% to 15.8%.


Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a resolution “On the program of measures for further development of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency in economic and social spheres for 2017-2021” on 27 May 2017.

The resolution was adopted to reduce the energy intensity in the gross domestic product and cost of production and to expand the use of energy from renewable sources in economic and social sectors for 2017-2021.

Uzbekistan plans to diversify the fuel balance through renewable energy sources, replacing them with traditional fuels and reducing their share in production of electricity and heat.

Long-term programs will be implemented to reduce the energy intensity of production in the sectors of the economy, and improve the environmental situation in industrial activity areas.

Uzbek leader approved targeted parameters on further development of renewable energy, which envisages to increase share of renewable energy in structure of generating capacities from 12.7% to 19.7% by 2025, including hydro power from 12.7% to 15.8%, solar energy – to 2.3% and wind energy to 1.6%.

President of Uzbekistan approved implementation of 810 projects for development of renewable energy for a total sum of US$5.3 billion in 2017-2025.

Mirziyoyev approved the target parameters for reducing the energy intensity of production in basic sectors of economy for 2017-2021, where 25 large enterprises and organizations set forecasts for reducing specific energy consumption rates for industrial production.

It is also planned to replace 17,250 heating boilers in 6,330 budget organizations of the Ministry of Public Education, Ministry of Healthcare and Center for secondary special and professional education.

In 2017-2021, Uzbekistan will replace 879 pumps and 1,523 electric motors in water management organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. This will save 807.3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

It is planned to direct over 314.1 billion soums of budget resources to these projects and measures in 2017-2021.


Uzbekistan plans to adopt a programme of measures to further stimulate production and introduction of biogas plants in the country for 2017-2019.

A draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to further stimulate production and introduction of biogas plants in the republic for 2017-2019” is being developed in Uzbekistan.

A joint venture with leading Chinese companies will be created in the territory of the free economic zone “Urgut” to produce and maintain biogas plants.

Uzbekistan plans to install biogas plants in 726 large cattle and poultry farms in 2017-2019.

According to the programme, biogas plants will be installed in 75 large livestock and poultry farms in 2017, 291 in 2018 and 360 in 2019.


President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On formation of joint stock company “Uzbekgidroenergo” on 19 May 2017.

The decree was adopted in order to effectively use Uzbekistan’s hydropower potential, form a unified water and energy resources management system, and consistently increase the share of renewable hydropower resources in the structure of electric power production.

Uzbekhydroenergo is formed on the basis of hydroelectric power stations, hydrotechnical and other hydropower related units of JSC Uzbekenergo and the association Uzsuvenergo of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan.

The new company will be part of the Cabinet of Ministers’ complex on geology, fuel and energy complex, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries.

Uzbekhydroenergo will implement a unified technical policy in the field of electric power production at hydroelectric power stations, ensuring safe and efficient operation of hydraulic structures, as well as centralized technological management of hydropower facilities.

The company will develop and implement hydropower development programs based on the integrated development of hydropower potential and ensuring an increase in the share of hydropower in the structure of the energy balance of the republic.

The company will also implement investment projects for construction of new and modernization of existing hydroelectric power stations.

Uzbekenergo will purchase electricity, which produced by enterprises of Uzbekgidroenergy.



Uzbekistan and China signed contracts to develop hydro energy for about US$3 billion, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Water Management of Uzbekistan Shavkat Hamraev said.

The documents were signed during the state visit of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to China.

Shavkat Hamraev said noted that Uzbekistan also attracted Chinese loans for the modernization of 299 pumping stations. This project will allow Uzbekistan to save electricity and ensure uninterrupted supply of water to the population.

He noted that the parties signed a memorandum on the purchase of 20 dredges. According to him, Uzbekistan previously purchased 20 dredges and they recommended themselves from good side.



Japanese companies Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Marubeni Utilite Services started to conduct a project on modernization of Ferghana thermal power station, Uzbekenergo said in a statement.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Marubeni Utilite Services are main suppliers of the equipment on “turn-key basis”.

According to Uzbekenergo, construction works on project on introduction of high efficient co-generation gas turbine facilities at Ferghana thermal power station and Ferghana boiler house started in the end of April.

Implementation of the project will allow to create additional 24 megawatts of generating capacities. The station will produce additional 197.24 million KWH of electricity and 214,500 Gcal heating energy a year.

The project cost is US$83.6 million. The project will be realized due to grant of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan for US$49.5 million and own resources of Uzbekenergo.

Ferghana thermal power station is an only power station in Ferghana Valley. The station was launched in 1978. Its set capacity is 305 megawatts and produces 560 million KWH of electricity a year.



President approves programme of measures on further developing hydro energy for 2017-2021.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On the Programme of Measures for the Further Development of Hydropower for 2017-2021”.

The document was adopted in order to increase use of renewable sources of energy, create new ecologically clean generating capacities, re-equip hydro power stations, etc.

The resolution set priority directions on further developing hydro energy in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek leader set creation of new and modernization of existing generating capacities in power sector with use of renewable sources of energy.

Introduction of modern and demanded scientific-technical solutions to designing and constructing large, medium, small and micro hydro power stations is also one of priority directions.

President approved a programme on further developing hydro energy for 2017-2021. It includes list of investment projects on construction of 42 new and reconstruction of 32 existing hydro power stations in Uzbekistan at natural reservoirs and water facilities of Uzbekistan.