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Uzbekistan to implement projects for US$3.1bn in chemical industry till 2022.

Uzbekistan will implement 43 projects worth US$3.1 billion in chemical industry in 2017-2021.

President of Uzbekistan approved a program for th development of the chemical industry for 2017-2021 with his resolution.

Within the framework of the program, the chemical industry enterprises will realize 43 projects worth US$3.1 billion.

The program includes 25 projects to produce non-chemical products such as chemical and drilling reagents, synthetic fibers, acetate threads, paint and varnish products, automotive and agricultural tires, conveyor belts, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), caustic soda and methanol for gold, oil, textile, light, automotive and construction industries, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

In general, due to the implementation of the Program, it is planned to increase the production of marketable goods by 2021 as compared to 2017 by 2.4 times, the volume of export of products - 2.7 times.

Within the programme, 25 high-tech industrial facilities will be commissioned. The share of mineral fertilizers in total volume of marketable products will decrease from 74% to 55%. More than 3.2 thousand new jobs will be created.